Now and then there is the possibility to design a logo. More then anything else as a designproject the logo serves to represent the core functional content of a person, an organisation or an activity as a representative image.

Basic CMYK

This logo was designed to represent a one man publisher specialised in political and historical novels witten from the perspective of a radical socialist. Writer and working man in one image.

Logo Ecodaken

Ecodaken (Ecoroofs) is an idealistic Dutch company that covers roofs with sedum, an environmental friendly way to isolate houses to save energy and at the same time has a positive effect on air quality around it.

Logo Pink Noiz

Pink Noiz is the name of a Cypriotic designcompany that was just recently founded by copywriter Naya Koutroumani. The explicit wish was to create an image that would represent the creative force associating with the company for wich pink noise is a metaphor.

Logo De Voortzetting

In this case the logo had to adress the fact that the formerly known Dutch theatre company Art&Pro, led by theatre director and writer Frans Strijards, was making a come-back. He pushed the artistic envelope in the eighties into the nineties and made a return to the stage with his own independent company after more than ten years. Not just a come-back but more a continuation (Voortzetting) of a mans life-work.


Creating a wider audience was the intention of the documentary film making company DeepFocus run by documentary filmmaker Jos de Putter. New approach was to make short- but specially made documentaries for the internet. For that purpose a new company saw the light of day: DeepFocus Web Docs.

Logo Cement