Theatre posters Art & Pro

The posters for Art & Pro came to being in relation to the inspirational work of writer/director Frans Strijards. It turned out to be a coöperation that lasted more than a decade where I was in fact given a free hand with my visual comments on his work. The temperament of the posters matched very well with the abrasive content of his work. The printwork was done by the wonderful craftsmen Rolf Henderson and Paul Wyber, notorious for their artprints. The posters for theatrecompany Art & Pro were silkscreen-printed in limited numbers, at most just a few hundred or sometimes only in format A0. Mostly the A0-posters were printed in combination with A1. A selection of the posterdesigns was collected by the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and by the imageculture museum MOTI in Breda. The Art&Pro posterdesigns were not in the last place responsible that I was accepted by the NOA (Nationaal Ontwerp Archief) for having relevance for the history of Dutch design. Some were nominated for the Dutch Theatre Poster Prize. The posters also found their way to world poster-exhibitions in Toyama, Helsinki and Warschau. Over time the posters were discovered as collectors items.

Frits van Hartingsveldt