Australian grill lowres

De branden in Australië worden door velen nog steeds niet in verband gebracht met de opwarming van de aarde. De temperaturen zijn echter nog nooit zo hoog geweest en nog niet eerder waren er zoveel branden nog voor het begin van de zomer. We hebben volgens het IPCC nog maar 320 gigaton CO2 uitstoot te gaan voordat we het point of no return hebben bereikt. Nog 8,5 jaar vanaf nu (december 2019).

The Dutch social democratic party PvdA after the death of former leader and prime minister Wim Kok. His presidency marked the turn to neo-liberalism by deregulating the banks and cutting social security. In his words at the time: ‘laying off the ideological feathers’.

Last summer

For lovers of French fries:

It was a summer with a lot of cultural activity in Amsterdam. A stage-design for the Gaypride 2018 gave way to a performance by a group of singers and actors impersonating their favorite cultural heroes. That the boatperformance had a good perception was demonstrated by the appreciation of jury and audience and it won a second prize.

Thanks to singer/producer Wilma Bakker who initiated the project with performer Luna Lunettes, the stage found its last destination at childrens playpark ‘Het Land van Jan Klaassen’ where little children love to run around on the ‘infinity’stage with the rainbowcolors.

Besides that, a show was given on one of the most beautiful stages in Amsterdam, cinema Tuschinski. A multimedia-show with burlesque, filmprojection and a line-up of singers and dancers took place under the title Cabaret la Gaité. In the twenties of the last century it was an initiative of the ambitious cinematycoon Abraham Tuschinski who wanted to create a variety club that would blow away the grey curtain that covered Amsterdam at the time. Thanks to producer Wilma Bakker the concept revived succesfully in july in front of a vibrant crowd. Important to mention is that the stage-wide mechanical organ in the big hall of Tuschinski played a mayor role in the show. In itself already an event to attend because of the unique sound and technique that only on special occasions can be admired.

And there was dancefestival at the ‘Stenen Hoofd‘, one of the last free outdoorplaces in Amsterdam that paves the way for cultural events.